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health and diet

The following articles have been compiled by Professor Don du Toit, a leading authority on health and cycling in South Africa.

The Prof's basics:

Trained vascular surgeon. 
850 cycle tours completed including tours in the USA, France, England. 
Cycled both individually and on Tandem in the past
10 times completed Argus. Fastest time 3.05.
Cycled consistently for the past 50 years without interruptions.
Interests: Vascular surgery and medical ailments affecting cyclists.
Moved up from veteran to senior and now master.
Currently rides Schauff® and Trek® roadbikes. 
All previous articles are listed below. Regular reader can view the latest article which is listed (and dated) below.

August 07, 2004 - no new article

Disclaimer:  The contents of this entire website is intended for reference and educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of appropriate health care professionals. The author or website administration accepts no responsibility or liability arising from any information contained in the databank or from the use of any information contained therein. All articles reproduced with kind permission from Prof D du Toit, to which we offer our gratitude. 

The articles are supplied in HTML format and can be read directly from your browser.

003 The Veteran Cyclist's Heart
004 The Cycling Eye
005 Tandems
006 Sub-3 Argus - FAQ
007 Saddle Tips: Facts and Fallacies
008 Prescription Drugs: Veteran Cyclists Nightmare
009 Painful Wrist - Is it Cycle Related?
010 Osteoarthritis and Cycling
011 Osteoarthritis: the Cyclist's Nemesis
012 Oral Emergencies: Cyclists Halitosis and Bad Breath
013 Elevated Cholesteral Levels in Veteran Cyclists- Health Hazards
014 HRM Can Detect Veteran Heart Disease
015 How pro's can win the Argus Tour: Tips from previous winners
016 Hay Fever and the Cyclist
017 Cycle Tips For Die Burger-Sanlam Cycle Tour
018 Diabetes and Cycling
019 Argus Cycle Tour - Training Tips for Beginners
020 Argus Cycle 2002 Tour Tips
021 Traumatic Hand Injury : The Cyclists Knock Out
022 Cycling Health and Wellness
023 Cycling Induced Asthma
024 Cyclists Foot - Your Argus 2002 Achilles Tendon

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