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006 Sub-3 Argus - FAQ

Sub-3 Argus - FAQ

To complete a sub-3 hour Argus will mean that you will finish within the first 1000 cyclists. But that does not ensure that you are going to win the Argus. Of course, these are quite too different issues. The first is relatively easy, because you are young, adaptable and have talent. The second requires very subtle facets that you will have to tap. Not all cyclists or potential winners are blessed with these incredible attributes. Here is a final checklist that you need to address to ensure riding a 2 hour 30 minute Argus over Silvermine on the 10th of March 2002 at 6:00 am. These questions are focused on the minimum entry requirements, to achieve this mammoth task. Merit and merit alone, are center to this theme. Review these points:
Is my cycle training program comprehensive enough?
Do you have the ability to win the Argus?
Can I do it without a mentor?
What is the level of my endurance training?
What are my confidence levels like?
Is my mental skill profile focused for a winning mindset?
Is my muscular endurance optimal?
Will I peak during the first two weeks of March 2002?
Is my commitment to racing and winning sharp enough?
Do I have sufficient mental toughness to win the Argus?
Will I be able to ride in the zone, say, for 2 hours?
Do I have a winning plan for the Argus over Silvermine?
Can I address and strengthen my weaknesses and limitations?
Can I crank at high speed up Oukaaps?
Are my limiting factors, strength, climbing and muscular-endurance?
Do I portray rebound ability?
Can I come back, if upstaged or dropped on Oukaaps?
Am I racing enough?
Am I over trained, and do I get frequent colds and bronchitis?
Is my diet suspect?
What is the level of my speed endurance?
Do I fade in longer sprints?
Can I handle volume loading and training?
Can I manage a strong field?
Can I push 800 watts on power testing?
What is my profile on anaerobic lactate testing?
Can I maintain high-level speed cadence?
Am I training, as a champion should?
Do I have adequate back up and support?
Does my Argus training program have direction?
If I train, do I train intelligently?
Can you manage high-intensity training and workouts?
Do you have the ingredients of a top one-day cyclist?
Are there signs of burnout?
What is the level of your racing fitness?
What is your acceleration potential?
Are you unpredictable, and posses the element of surprise?
Do you have the latest model group set and road bike?
Are you fuelling your body correctly?

Tip: If you show physical and psychological features of staleness, the chances are slim that you will win the Argus. Avoid this cycling pitfall.


Ride Your Best Argus Ever. Tafelberg 2001. The section by Gary Beneke is worth reading for aspirant Argus winners.
The Lore of Cycling. Oxford University Press, 1992.
Serious Cycling. Human Kinetics, 1995.
The Cyclist's Training Bible. A and G Black, 1996.

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