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007 Saddle Tips: Facts and Fallacies

Saddle Tips: Facts and Fallacies

Height is critical- bike fit is important to ensure the correct knee- bend angle. Failure to ensure this may result in knee pain, described in the sports world as anterior knee pain. A saddle that is adjusted too low will aggravate this problem. A saddle that is too high will result in inefficient pedalling and power output.

Veteran and senior cyclists need soft, gel- impregnated saddles for a comfortable ride.

A hard saddle is unforgiving and may result in excruciating saddle or perineal pain. This is event on long tours.

A hard saddle can chaff the genitalia of woman. Often a wide- based saddle (i.e. MTB profile) is more appropriate. Special saddles can be purchased for lady cyclists.

Saddles cause pressure on the soft perineal area and crotch. Personal hygiene after cycling is critical to avoid saddle sores and infection. Bath or shower as soon as possible after cycling and wash off all the sweat.

Chaffing can be reduced by applying a thin layer of Vasoline or Lanolube(r) to the friction areas.

If excoriation in the crotch occurs, skip cycling for a few days and allow the area to heal.

Bike Selection For The Argus Cycle Tour and Die Burger/ Sanlam

Either a mountain bike or road bike is suitable for the Argus Cycle Tour or Die Burger/Sanlam.

Upgrading to a road bike can ensure a sub- 4 Argus. This is very difficult on a mountain bike especially in the veteran category over Ou Kaapseweg.

Frame selection and size is very important.

Fit and saddle height are also critical to avoid knee and back pain.

After sales service is vitally important. The sale of the bike is not the only important aspect.

An expensive bike is often a better investment A sturdy aluminium frame and good quality tyres will ensure a comfortable and reliable ride. Consider Continental(r) Grand Prix 3000 tyres on your road bike for a puncture free trip.

For excellent sales and service contact Francois du Toit, at his Rozendal Cycle Shop on (021) 9100441 or 0832731986. This is just off Old Oak Road and near Tygervalley Centre in Bellville.

Suitable bike choices are Pinarello, Orbea, Du Toit and Victoria to mention but a few. Bikes can be readily upgraded and rebuilt in a short period of time by a master frame builder. Often this is more cost effective if you still love your old frame. Very few other shops can offer this specialised service in Cape Town. Get a quote. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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