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012 Oral Emergencies: Cyclists Halitosis and Bad Breath

Oral Emergencies: Cyclists Halitosis and Bad Breath

Periodontal disease is common in cyclist be they young or old. Preventative oral hygiene is important but always neglected. Don't forget that oral disease trebles over 50 years of age. The following conditions are relevant to cyclists:
Toothache due to caries (tooth decay). See a dentist urgently.
Periapical inflammation.
Periapical abscess. This needs root canal treatment and a few visits to the dentist.
Receding gums due to periodontal disease. This is very common after 50.
Bleeding gums especially after 50. The problem is periodontal disease in most cases, but could also be due to medications such as aspirin and warfarin.
Dislodgement of fillings and crowns.
Pain and or eruption over impacted wisdom teeth. These may have to be extracted under general anaesthesia by a fascio maxillary surgeon. Expect a lot of swelling over the jaw for a week after the extraction.
Accelerated tooth decay due to caries and intake of supplements.

Cycle tips: If you use supplements and sports drinks you can look forward to premature tooth rot. Sports drinks are the big culprits together with sweets. See an oral hygienist twice a year and have scale removed. This will reduce periodontal disease and receding gums to a degree. Also visit your dentist twice yearly for fillings, crowns etc. The crowning era starts at 45 years. Toothache means caries and that means an urgent filling. Gargle twice a day with Listerine mouthwash. Brush your teeth after all meals. Reduce intake of sweets. Unfortunately, to win, you must supplement with sports drinks or face collapse and extended fatigue.

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