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017 Cycle Tips For Die Burger-Sanlam Cycle Tour

Cycle Tips For Die Burger-Sanlam Cycle Tour

Early entry and registration is important.Register at the Bellville Velodrome.
Study the detour changes to the 103km route.Tiekiedraai and Vissershok are out of the race for 2001.
Don't underestimate the undulating long route at the back of Durbanville and the section near Wellinton en-route to Klapmuts.Avoid dehydration by drinking sportsdrinks.Don't forget to eat.This will combat fatigue.
Engage in cycle training before the tour - get fit.
Learn to get up early.
Have a medical check-up if you are a veteran cyclist. Call Francois on (021) 9100441 for a bike service and upgrade if necessary.Bike setup is important to prevent a sore back.
Have your bike serviced at least 1-2 weeks before the tour.
Make sure your brakes are functional and effective.
Practice in funrides, in the Tygerberg district, before the tour. This will teach you cycling etiquette and how to ride in bunches.
To avoid punctures, put on new tyres and tubes before the tour. A patched tube will let you down.
On the day take a new spare tube with and make sure your pump works. Punctures do occur and you might be required to replace a front or back tube.
Make sure your chain, front and back cogs are thinly oiled. Clean off grime to reduce friction.
Check that your helmet is not damaged.
Check that your dark glasses frames are intact.
You will need a water bottle for beverages along the route. You must drink to prevent dehydration and exhaustion during the tour.
Learn to supplement correctly with approved products. Don't experiment immediately before the tour. This may lead to an upset stomach.
Learn to stretch your muscles regularly.
Diet: Diet is very important for cycling if you want to do well. A 60-70% carbohydrate diet is needed. You may wish to carboload - this is accepted practice.
For the ladies: Saddle pain is troublesome. To overcome this, place a gel-padded seat cover on the existing saddle. This will reduce the discomfort. The covers retail at about R100.00.
Make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.
Rest is needed to bolster recovery from cycle training.
Avoid over-training, which has many downsides.
Make sure your bike-fit is correct in order to prevent lower back-ache and discomfort in the neck.
Bike set-up is critical. A faulty position on the bike will result in knee-pain or back-ache. Bike-fit is important. For a professional job call Francois du Toit on (021) 9100441 or 0832731986. The Rozendal Cycle Store is conveniently sited near Tyger Valley Centre, and is just off Old Oak Road.
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